East Chicago Joe is a vocalist singing the songs of Sinatra, Bennett and the Great American Songbook.

 Joe Cadena (aka East Chicago Joe), is a vocalist and guitarist from East Chicago, Indiana. Growing up around his talented and musical father, Joe began honing his musical skills. His earliest influence was Elvis Presley but it wasn't long before his interests in Soul, R+B and Motown captured his attention. After playing locally, Joe headed out on the road. After being hired ( and leading ) many show bands, he traveled across many parts of the country; from the Midwest to  the Northwest, California and finally to the Vegas "strip" where he performed at many packed houses. ( Joe has seen much of the country from the window of a moving vehicle! ) Eventually he made his way to the Northeast where he has been performing for many years. He makes his home in Connecticut where he lives with Debbie; his wife and confidante of many years.

A short interview with East Chicago Joe

 Joe's career has spanned almost 50 years. During that time his appreciation for the Great American songbook ( and all things Sinatra & Bennett ) has grown to a deep and abiding love for this music. Joe performs the classics, yes, but he does so in his own entertaining and engaging way. Whether it's Bobby Darin, Sinatra, Bennett, Dino or the many other artists whose songs he performs, Joe will always leave you with a smile on your face !

  2015 looks to be a busy year for Joe, particularly  in light of the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra.     He is currently performing around New England  with his quartet but also with small ensembles.

 " If I can reach one person with music, then I have   accomplished my mission "  ECJ

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Photographer: Thirstyworks Art Group

Musician: Joe 'East Chicago Joe' Cadena

Festival: Somewhere in 'Vegas'